The Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in (Presale Projects)

With the price of thousands of tokens down by many percentage points from their peaks, the crypto bear market has made it difficult for crypto investors to generate regular returns in 2022.

Some crypto investors, however, have managed to maintain their gains throughout the winter by participating in the most promising crypto presale projects.

Although presale projects are often perceived as high-risk, the top crypto presales take many precautions to reassure projects, such as being open and doxxed, auditing their tokens, and offering comprehensive plans. Listed below are the top three new presales currently available.

Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 Trade is a brand-new crypto trading signals and analytics platform that was developed with the intention of assisting traders and investors in maximizing the profits they may make from their holdings.

To achieve this goal, it makes use of a wide variety of measures and insights, which assists traders and investors in making decisions that are more informed.

The first stage of the project’s presale was completely sold out in only three days, and the target amount of $4 million was reached in a little over a week’s time. This indicates that the project has already received a significant amount of interest.

The dashboard will not only establish a bespoke grading system for new crypto presales, but it will also track on-train data and social sentiment, send out trading signals, offer a choice of the top crypto research tools, and track on-train data.


IMPT is a new green crypto protocol that aims to contribute to the fight against the climate catastrophe by boosting the amount of carbon offsetting efforts made by individuals and businesses.

It will accomplish this by allowing carbon credits to be traded between anyone and making it possible for people to acquire them through normal purchasing. IMPT already has partnerships in place with 10,000 different brands, including retail giants like Amazon and Microsoft, as well as LEGO.

IMPT has also had enormous success and demand in its presale, raising more than $11 million in a little over three weeks. This is similar to what Dash 2 Trade has seen.


Calvaria, a brand-new gaming project that has only just begun its presale, is our last and last recommendation for the best crypto pre-sale.

In spite of the huge potential of Web3 gaming, few casual and conventional gamers have made the conversion to play-to-earn due to the high start-up expenses and a lack of technological understanding. This is the case despite the fact that Web3 gaming has enormous potential.

Calvaria’s flagship card-battle strategy game, Duels of Eternity, will soon have both pay-to-win and free-to-play versions released. The company’s goal is to eliminate this issue with the help of the game.

They are going to put a tracker in the free game that will show players how much they may be earning, and they are also going to incorporate gamified instructional tasks that will teach about the blockchain.






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